DS3 Storytelling and Character Building (AND ACTive Literature Exploring Text through Theater)

Storytelling and Character Building This introductory workshop will explore what it takes to make an interesting story and compelling characters. Ideal for teachers looking for new ways to explore classic (and contemporary) texts in the classroom, as well as those interested in finding out what makes us root for some characters, while forgetting others. Using a mix of theater and improvisation techniques, we will create our own stories and characters, exploring a variety of themes and how each impacts us differently. (This workshop is meant to be a pre-courser to ACTive Literature: Exploring Texts through Theater.) ACTive Literature: Exploring Text through Theater Using a variety of theater games and improvisation exercises we will explore three different texts used in the current curriculum and discuss how we can make the material come alive for kids in a classroom setting. We will pose questions, inhabit characters and interpret themes, building skills to become and create more active and engaged readers. (Intended for teachers, an extension of the Storytelling and Character Building workshop)

René Becker
04./ 11./18.10. Oktober jeweils 16.00-19.00 Uhr